【DomRaider】ICO Sale ends in 1 week

DomRaider ICO status

State as of October 4, 22 o’clock.(JST)

500 million / 560 million tokens have been issued.
It is the situation whether it exceeds 90%.

The way to participate in ICO is listed in DomRaider_ICO so please see it.

Why pay attention to DomRaider

There are several reasons I recommend personally.

  • It’s a project planed by a company that already exists.
  • How to use the token is clearly stated.
  • Since the target is “Auction”, it is expected that the “market size” will be large.
  • Supporting system is great

In addition, the following content was stated by e-mail from the official.

· A company in compliance with French legislation whose accounts are audited by KPMG

What is KPMG

KPMG France is a member firm of KPMG International, which has more than 200 offices in major domestic cities and provides advisory services including auditing, bookkeeping and payroll accounting.

The company audited by a third-party organization is It is one evaluation criterion in me.
If you are interested, why do not you join ICO?

After purchasing the token, I will give you a code to get 5% bonus if you enter.

Bonus code:SP-676291

Thank you.